Top 5 weird website like Fatal to the Flesh

There are many popular or weird websites on the internet that are made for some special purpose. Some websites are fun, and people love visiting them for random fun. While some are just full of mystery that won’t let anyone know about their purpose of existence. Fatal to the Flesh is among such websites in the list of 10 weird websites. If you are searching for its purpose of creation, then this post will be quite informative.

What is Fatal to the Flesh

Fatal to the Flesh is an online game website developed by Rafael Rozendaal back in 2004. The website open with a blank screen making people confuse about its purpose. But, when users start moving the cursor, they can see the screen cut down the touched area like flesh. The big red scar cutting seems the same as fruit slice game. Users can also see blood coming out of the cutter red marks on the screen. It gives the exact experience of chopping flesh to little pieces. It is an endless game; it is all up to you how many times you cut the screen into pieces like flesh.

Why is Fatal to the flesh a Special Website

The website was developed way back in 2004. It has been more than 18 years to the websites but, people still search for it on search engines. The website seems to be very simple with a blank page that opens with marks while sliding through screen. But the website keeps bonded memories for people working in IT sectors at that time. It was the game of fun for them at those time. Maybe it is a basic game for today’s generation, but it holds special moments for people who know it has helped them refresh their mind even for a short period of time.

List of another website like Fatal to flesh:

There are many sites that share similar specialties like Fatal to flesh. The website is either too old or may look simply but it holds a connection between people who know it from the very beginning. The list goes something in the following way:


This website displays images of random people who points finger at the exact position where you click on the screen. It is the funniest and most unreal thing that can happen. The website is connected to huge database where fingers pointing images are stored. The quality of this website is that every time you change the cursor and click on the screen, it comes with a different image even if you click to the same point twice or thrice. It doesn’t make people feel bored while clicking anywhere around the screen. But users don’t stay on the page for long as it can be boring doing similar type of fun again and again.

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The website link is the best way say f**k off to someone in the funniest way ever. Just have fun with your friends by sending them the URL link and clicking on the link will land them on a page where a middle finger will be pointing at them. The finger moves so slowly that people will wait to see what will happen next. But nothing happened and it ends up making them fools. It is the weirdest website ever made.


It is among the websites to have fun with colleagues in your office. This website is the best way to grab attention among the crowd if you are working with your team. The website opens with a horn icon and produces the sound of air horn while clicking on it. It is a way funnier website and acts like a sarcastic website if opened while a serious talk. The website is the best way to irritate someone with its sound. Friends can have fun playing with the website for a while.


The use of this website is still not known and in comparison, it is quite different from Fatal to the Flesh. But these 7 times “Y” website is viral on internet for its amazing collection of weird pictures. The reason for why it is made is still not known. Users can visit and try to decode the facts shown on the website. It also delivers a random message related to hacking an email. The name of the website itself says why and why this information has been given. It consists of more hidden text which consist of creepy links that no-one would want to visit.


This website holds unsolved investigation of cases that is on news. Even if the news is not able to cover facts and videos of any crime events, then this website can be helpful in capturing the facts of crime happened on the area. It contains live recordings of webcams of specific areas. Users can access and see the results of these webcams to solve the crime happening to that place. This website is best for those who are interested in solving crime cases.

Frequently Ask Question

1. Fatal to the flesh is for what purpose?

The website is for the purpose of having fun. Whenever you get angry or want fun and want someone to cut down into pieces with see all blood coming out then this website is made for you.

2. How to download fatal to the flesh app?

The fatal to the flesh app download feature is not available. However, you can bookmark the website or save an extended icon of it on your phone or desktop to open the website in one click.

3. What are other websites like Fatal to flesh?

The list of another website like Fatal to flesh includes, So far, these are not gaming websites but will give a different vibe that you have never experienced before.

Final Words:

Websites like Fatal to the flesh are among anonymous game websites that have been made only for fun. No click option for registration or subscription option to play the game indicate the pure intension of the developer Rafel Rozendaal. Most website come with the intention to make money in the form of various monetization sources for game. But this website is not the same as others. It had gained a name among users for its popularity among people since 2004 where corporate professional use to pass their time at office hours. Lot of memories are attached to this website and for this reason the developer had not deleted the domain.

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