Eliza Fletcher: Wiki, Biography, Death Suspects

Kidnapping and killing of women are very common in the streets of Tennessee. Most of the killer suspects do not get caught because of unrevealed and unsolved murder cases. But whenever something is revealed in public the news is grasped very rapidly. Among such rare occurrences there also lies the name of Eliza Fletcher who became victim of a horrible murder mystery case. The reason for what and how it happened will be covered here to reveal the truth of the incident. This post will counterbalance every minor detail including the person behind her kidnap and murder case.

Eliza Fletcher Missing Case

Eliza Fletcher was working as a kindergarten teacher at St. Mary’s Episcopal School in Memphis. One day she left to jog near the university but didn’t return. After a few days, the complaint for missing was filled in US police officials. When the police did not find any single suspect for her missing. The US police offered a reward of $50,000 to find her. Till that time the news went viral across the boundaries of cities. All sudden the news starts trending over the web for her missing case.

Eliza Fletcher Biography

Eliza Fletcher was born in Memphis, Tennessee in 1988. Her age was 34 years when the incident happened. She is American by nationality. She was working as a kindergarten schoolteacher in St. Mary’s Episcopal School and used to teach small kids. She was married to Fletcher married Richard Fletcher III at the church in 2014. She has 2 kids from the side of Fletcher. Mr. Richard is working as dealership manager at Memphis Boat Center.

Eliza Fletcher Educational Details:

Eliza’s schooling was done at Hutchison school. She graduated from Baylor University where she qualified to become a kindergarten teacher.

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Personal details:

  • Family details: Eliza was born in a high-class family in Memphis. As per records her grandparents were among the richest people in Memphis. She was the daughter of Beasley Wellford (father) and Adelle Wellford (mother). Her children’s names are not yet disclosed in the public domain.
  • Weight and Height: As per her last records of data, her weight was in between 50 to 60 Kg. Her height is 5 feet 6 inches. 

Murder incident of Eliza Fletcher:

Eliza Fletcher was just going out for jogging same as her usual routine. It was on the morning of 2 September 2022. As everyone knows she usually goes jogging near the university area, so no one questioned her. Her university crews including his husband started doubting the incident as she did not return. 

After the enquiry from US police officials, Horrifying surveillance footage captured where a person was found snatching and bundled her into an SUV. After 3 days, her dumped dead body was found near an abandoned building. After proper investigation, Cleotha Henderson, a released prisoner in 2020 after 19 years of imprisonment convicted suspect for Eliza’s murder and kidnapped case. After the incident, women going out alone for jogging in the morning starts became a subject of fear in the city.

Action taken against Eliza’s Murder Convict

The police suspects Cleotha Henderson as convict. As per the investigation, he was driving the SUV car where Eliza was snatched. Since then, he was charged with first degree murder case. According to Shelby County Criminal Court, Cleotha Henderson was found not guilty as per the proven incident of the crime in the court. However, the court notified him to appear again on 30th March. The Judiciary, after going through the case, also warned the family of Eliza related to the incident. Until, the case doesn’t resolve out, it will take a long journey to unleash truth about the death Mystery of Eliza.

Frequently Ask Question

What is Fletcher net worth?

As per reports from Memphis, Fletcher has Net worth of $5 Million in 2018.

What does Eliza Fletcher’s family own?

Eliza’s family was among the rich families of Memphis. Reports claims that her grandfather Joe Orgill III was operating a company named Orgill Inc which is ranked as the largest hardware parts distributor and home improvement tools as per Forbes magazine.

Who is Elizabeth Fletcher’s grandfather?

Joseph Orgill III is the grandfather of Ms. Eliza Fletcher. He was a wealthy philanthropist who had revenue of $3.2 billion last year.

Why is FLETCHER famous?

Fletcher is not quite famous as a pop star but she was recognized on popular streaming platform like Spotify after 2015 breakout hit. The New Music Friday playlist gave her recognition from “War Paint” which became the most shared song on the app at that time.

Who is the husband of Eliza Fletcher?

Richard Fletcher III is Eliza’s husband. It was confirmed from George Robertson who is the senior pastor at Second Presbyterian Church. It was the place where they both get married in 2014.

Who is the kidnapper of Eliza Fletcher?

Cleotha Abston was charged as the convict for the case of Eliza Fletcher. He was found snatching her into the SUV on the day of her death. As per reports no strong evidence of the case was found for her murder. The body was found near a vacant duplex after 4 days of the murder. Cleotha was released as found not guilty in the case.

Final Words

Society is full of evil people around. History has proved that mostly enemies are found to take to clear their path of life. But connecting dots to Eliza’s murder is still not clear. The murderer was even found not guilty in the end. Somehow, several facts will somehow get into a connection to resolve the truth so that innocent people like Eliza Fletcher don’t make sacrifices for other actions.

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